Learn all About Collapsible Dog Crate Products for Your Dog

​A dog is a member of your family. This adorable, four-legged animal requires your love and care because he’s been domesticated, and as such he’ll live a hard life if he were to end up in the streets, rummaging garbage cans and begging for scraps. Most importantly, this new member of your family requires a place to sleep. You can just let them slumber on the cold, cold floor. You should at least have some sort of:

or some other type of crate used to hold and safeguard your canine companion. It’s par for the course. Every living creature requires personal space, especially when it comes to sleeping. By managing your dog crate properly, it will become his own personal room. It’s his cozy place of privacy, in short.

Learn More about the Importance of Crates

  • ​Crates are important because they serve as a bed and a shelter for dogs. However, older dogs might not immediately take to your crate. Usually, you have a crate for the family pet to replace an older crate or doghouse and even as a new home to an older animal straight from the refuge shelter. You can offer him the dog crate as a bed of sorts, but you must be patient in letting him acclimate to using the crate. He might ignore it or even use it as alitter box due to misunderstandings. Allow the old dog to investigate the crate on his own.
  • Just like when helping a puppy get used to the crate by allowing him to familiarize himself with the setup, an old dog needs getting used to having a bed, especially if he has an aversion for cages and as such, he might view the Collapsible Dog Crate as another form of cage. Put in a treat and soft bedding around the crate so as to reward the dog whenever they make use of the crate. This applies to canines young and old, by the way. The point here is to establish familiarity with something unfamiliar without forcing the matter.
  • Don’t push the dog into the crate. Instead, let him willingly go inside it by leaving the crate door open. It’s the same way a Shih Tzu cuddles into nooks, crannies, and shoeboxes because of their size. The more you associate happy, wonderful things with the crate, the likelier they’ll take to it like a fish would to water. Acclimatization is the name of the game here, and it’s particularly powerful when it comes to dogs that willingly put themselves in the crate rather than having the owner stuff them inside one like turkey stuffing.
  • In other words, this is definitely a “carrot” type of training rather than a “stick” one, especially for pets with short hair that leaves them more exposed to cold floors and the elements.

​Crates aren’t as open as beddings, but certain canines love it mainly because it’s secluded, private, and his (it has his scent all over it, for one thing). It’s supposed to be his safe haven for sleeping or in order to get away from noisy visitors and children. It’s supposed to be his literal, tangible comfort zone, in other words.

  • May 3, 2019
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