What to Look for When It Comes to Dog Crate Training

​When training a dog to use a crate, he should be trained in other disciplines, like feeding, exercise, playtime, toileting, and so forth. The particularly disciplined dogs follow a specific schedule. Once all of this is done, then your puppy will definitely be happy to get into his own crate as his bed.

Dog crate training is required to make your dog get used to going into his dog crate, as opposed to the shoebox, drawer, below the sink, under the table, or underneath the radiator. Don’t expect the puppy to stay in the crate by forcing him to stay there. You should make it instead a habit for him to sleep there by making it as comfortable as possible. He also needs constant reassurance, love, and attention, since dogs deserve at least that with their own unconditional affection for you.

​Get Started in Training

  • ​When it comes to training your dog with his crate, then you must remember the following. It’s going to be difficult at first plus there’s a learning curve on your dog’s part. Having a new dog and friend is great and all, but they’re also a huge responsibility. They’re not just stuff toys you could love and cuddle any time you want. They’re living, breathing beings with certain needs to be met and issues to be resolved. This is particularly apparent in terms of whether or not takes to your crane like water to a fish or an anchor.
  • The instincts of your dog will determine whether you should train him in using his crate or not. Don’t forget that the domesticated version of the wolf is ultimately a den animal. He wants to have some sort of den he calls his home, so the trick here is to convince him with dog crate training that the crate is now his den, a place where he could sleep that he doesn’t wish to soil. Housecleaning will be a lot easier for you to handle once your dog identifies a crate as his den and the lawn or even his own litter box as his toilet. He’d never mess up his bed, after all.
  • Sure, for certain animals, your bed is fair game for peeing and the like, but your puppy by instinct would never have his crate soiled unless it’s by accident. In order to persuade your dog that the crate is his bed now, you need to habitually or regularly feed them near the bed or reward him for sleeping inside the crate. Never use the crate as a cage or a place of punishment, because he will instead learn to fear it instead of love it when all is said and done.

​Another aspect of dog training in terms of crate usage is rewarding the dog for every successful entry and stay. The more your dog gets used to using the crate, the less trouble you’ll have when it comes to making crate usage a habit. It all starts with him willingly using the crate (rather than a box or some other area of the house, although cats are likelier to do this than dogs) and will only go from there. You can further train him by making crate usage part of your entire play session.

  • May 12, 2019
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