Things to Remember When Creating Fancy Dog Houses

​Dogs are territorial creatures. They claim spaces for their own and make sure that it is unpassed by other dogs unless the dog is the leader of the pack. In the case of your own home, if you have not established your authority over your own house, then the dog will instinctively assume that it could do anything anywhere, at any given time.

In order to resolve this, you could opt to have fancy dog houses. Contrary to common belief, it is relatively easy to build one. Here are just some things that you need to keep in mind.

​1. The ​House ​Must ​Provide ​Insulation.

Dogs are not only sensitive to sounds; they are sensitive to heat as well. If you feel hot, your dog will likely feel hotter than you do. This is because their whole body is covered with fur which creates heat for them.

Hence, the dog house must provide insulation, especially since it will be put outside. This could be done by making sure that the base of the house has some space of the ground. Moreover, the materials that you will use will prevent the house from being too hot during summer and too cold during winter and the rainy season.

​2. The House Must Be Spacious.

​There are two distinctive habits that dogs have. One, before they sleep, they will likely move around until they find a spot that they are comfortable in. Two, they often stretch after they wake up. Hence, if your dog house is too stuffy or crowded, your dog might just opt to sleep outside, on the ground; making him more vulnerable to diseases.

​3. The ​House ​Must ​Be ​Free of ​Danger.

​This means that the materials, especially the paint, must be non-toxic because a toxic paint produces a gas than when inhaled may be destructive to the health. It also means that the nails and screws must be really buried and not protruding because if it is, your dog might accidentally brush his leg on it; hence, wounding him.

​4. The ​House ​Could ​Be ​Decorated

​If you want to install name tags or hooks where leashes will be placed, you could do so. You could also place materials inside the house that will make the dog more comfortable to sleep into. Get materials that are similar to dog beds. Alternatively, you could get carpets or blankets.

When you opt to do this to your fancy dog houses
, be sure to do it before you have installed the roof because it will be hard to put the things properly once the said part is already installed. If you are worried about the dirt and the smell that the dog house might likely produce, you could make the roof removable through a hinge and screw installed on one side. You could also opt to make the roof open-able in the sense that all you need to do is raise one part of the roof in order to access the house inside.

  • May 23, 2019
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