Steps On How To Build A Dog House

​Building a dog house is something that should be taken very seriously. This is because this is the place where your dog will go home every night whether it is hot or cold. If your dogs are staying outside, then you should make sure that the house is made out of very high quality; otherwise, your dog might get sick and get injuries.

If you want to know more about how to build a dog house, here are the steps that you should follow.

​1. Construct the base.

​The construction of the base varies from one dog to the other; however, most dogs will need a base that has a space from the ground. This is because the space will provide an insulation, something that all dogs will need. If this is not done, your dogs will be experience drastic changes in body temperature as the house will magnify the current state of weather; the house will be really warm during the summer and really cold during the winter.

Also, you should consider the environmental factors that will affect your dogs. Such will include rain and strong winds. If your place is prone to these two, you should find woods that could be resistant to water as much as possible. Also, the wood must be sturdy enough that the winds will be unable to break it.

Lastly, the base should be non-toxic in order to account for your dog’s health.

​2. Put up the walls.

​After you have created the base and installed the basic house skeleton, it is now time to put up the walls on the house. Make sure that the spaces inside the house will be enough so that your dog could move around, something that they usually do before they go to sleep. Again, find materials that will provide insulation. When constructing the walls, see to it that there would be no protruding objects like nails and screws because they might wound your dog.

​3. Put the roof.

​Make sure that the roof is sloping and triangular. This provides two benefits. One, it allows the rain and the snow to fall and slide to the ground during their seasons. Two, a peaked roof gives your dog more space. This is especially helpful before it goes to sleep and when it wakes up as he has more space to move around and stretch, respectively.

​For sturdier purposes, you could put a roofing paper or a tar paper on the roof.

​4.Paint the house.

​Painting the house with a non-toxic material has lots of benefits. One, it gives the dog house an aesthetic value. You could opt to paint with any design that you would like. Two, it makes the house last longer. This is because the paint shields and covers the materials in a sense. Hence, any damages that environmental factors will give will be lessened.

​Follow these steps on how to build a dog house now and make sure that your dog will be comfortable outside.

  • May 13, 2019
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