The Hallmarks of a Good Large Plastic Dog Crate You Should Be Aware of

​Crates are for doggy bedtime. If you’re the kind of owner who’d keep your pet in the crate for extended periods of time, you need to reevaluate whether you’re able to commit to having a dog or not. A canine is supposed to run free inside or outside the house, or at least have shelter in the form of his own doghouse, if needed.

The best large plastic dog crate is one that’s sturdy, especially when dealing with dogs that regularly use furniture as scratching posts, gnawing and biting everywhere. You should also consider whether or not dog crates and older dogs would mesh, since you can’t teach an old dog new tricks plus it’s harder to train a dog who’s set in his ways. Present the crate as a bed, and it should all be fine in the end.

​Things to Remember about Dog Crates

  • ​If you’re buying a dog crate for the sake of giving your fully grown dog a bed, then have the dog along with you and buy it from a pet store so that the canine could be sized up properly prior to having his own crate bought. Give him enough leg room to stretch out, at the very least. The large plastic dog crate should be big enough for the pooch to turn around and stand comfortably. If it’s too tight a fit, he’ll get stuck by simply having an extra big breakfast or after gaining a few pounds. Take his size into consideration.
  • As for the type of dog crate you should buy, it depends on the needs of your dog, of course. It’s mostly a bed, but what constitutes a comfortable bed for your doggy will vary from dog to dog, canine to canine, purebred to mutt. You can purchase one with a crate bumper because it makes sleeping a lot more comfortable for your dog. Many pooches prefer back coverings and perhaps protection in the crate’s sides to give them more seclusion and the sense that this really is their comfort zone.
  • It can even be as inexpensive as draping a blanket over the crate. You don’t have to buy special crates when a blanket will suffice as extra protection to your beloved pet. Using crate as a bed shouldn’t excuse you from neglecting the overall stylishness of the setup. In fact, there are quite a lot of crates you can buy that are both the perfect fit in terms of color and comfort. There are wicker versions or variations of the Bauhaus upmarket variety. Crates can be collapsible, big, small, plastic, stainless steel, and what-have-you.

​Other things to consider

​When traveling by plane and you want your dog to be accounted for, you’ll need airline approved crates. Therefore, always check with your travel agency and airline what the approved crate for your pet is. However, certain pets should never travel by air, particularly small ones, can get injured when traveling.

Therefore, that’s three things you should check with the airline and customs; the third one being whether your pet should stay at home or altogether travel with you, especially since he’ll probably end up in the luggage compartment throughout the long flight.

  • April 3, 2019
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