The Expectations and Realities of Having a Medium Dog Crate

​Growing puppies require care, love, and dog crates. You read that right. Developing baby dogs need alternating periods of sleeping and activity to ensure their healthy growth in adulthood, which in dog years is roughly 21 years (or 3 years in human years, since every human year is equivalent to 7 in dog years). With that said, your dog needs crate training.

A medium dog crate is usually enough for medium-sized dogs or toy dogs if you wish them to have a home with more leg room to stretch (and dogs love stretching). When shopping for a crate, it’s a good rule of thumb to get a medium dog crate. You can get an extra-large one for a small dog so that he’d have more stretching room, but normally a medium crate suffices.

​What Must You Know about Dog Crates?

​A dog crate is a place that your dog must be acclimated into using. Once your dog willingly goes there to sleep or take naps as well as shelter himself from harm or punishment as well as serve as his safe haven from naughty children and scary visitors, then your crate is automatically a worthwhile investment. Acclimatization to the crate requires patience, positive association with the crate itself, and even force of habit. It can even toilet train your dog, because he’d never soil the place where he sleeps.

As for the best places to put your dog crate, anywhere inconspicuous would suffice. Behind the hamper, near the radiator, over the shoe rack, under a seat near the threshold of the house entrance, or any other nook and cranny should satisfy your dog. Just don’t forget to put in medium dog crate bedding that’s washable. Maybe you might even include a favorite blanket or old shirt that you’ve turned into a blanket. Once, other way to make the crate more habitable as far as your dog is concerned is to put inside there his favorite toy.

You can even include a rawhide bone for him to chew on, especially for plastic crates, since the bone will keep him from chewing on the crate itself. Some owners have ended up with mutts or purebreds who happy chew their bone made out of rawhide before dropping off to sleep inside their crate as though the toy serves as their pacifier of sorts. Your dog will have more moments of sleep if he has a bed he could call his own in the form of a bedding-filled crate. It makes taking care of your pooch all the more manageable, in short.

Your dog can have his extra fifteen minutes of sleep inside his crate. You can also make the crate into his dining hall or table as well. Instead of giving him treats when you’re eating so that he’d have a habit of begging for food, you can instead put the treats on the crate the reinforce those positive crate feelings that probably won’t go away as long as your dog lives. Snacks and bedtime inside the crate will definitely make your dog love the crate all the more instead of seeing it as a place of indifference or fear.

  • May 3, 2019
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